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V12 Twisty Glass Blunt

(1) x V12 Glass Tube
(1) x V12 Twisty Blunt
(1) x End Cap
(1) x Extra O-ring
(1) x Cleaning Tool
(1) x Box

Available in 4 colours:

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V12 Twisty Glass Blunt

V12 Twisty Glass Blunt, rolling a blunt will never be the same again, join the PAPERLESS REVOLUTION. Cool Pull technology gives you a smooth hit. The screw cools down smoke by doubling the length of the smoke path, giving the augur more time to absorb heat. The heat sink and path lengthening properties of the screw contribute to a 30% cooler hit. Just turn the mouthpiece and fresh herbs are pushed forward, ready for your next fresh hit.

V12 Twisty Glass Blunt is a new design glass blunt. Easily pack up to 2 grams of anything you want in the glass tube and twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube. After that, all you need to do is light the end and puff, puff, pass. To ash your contents, simply twist the screw clockwise and the ash will get pushed out the glass for your next session. Paper can be cumbersome when you are in a hurry or on the go, and thanks to these high quality, easy to use ceramic twisty glass blunts, that is no longer a problem. Sure to revolutionize the way you medicate and recreate, the ceramic twisty glass blunt can be reused over and over again. Each ceramic twisty glass blunt is made from high quality ceramic and glass and holds up to 2 grams of dry material.

To use simply pack the tube, twist in the screw and light. Once the ceramic twisty glass blunt is lit it stays lit, simply turn the mouthpiece from time to time to engage the twisty screw and eject the ash. No paper, no mess, no problem. The V12 Ceramic Twisty Glass Blunt pipe is engineered to have a unique infini-cherry to avoid having to light the piece before every pull.

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Black, Gold, Grey, Rainbow, Rose Gold, Silver


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